Successful Home Gardening

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Whether you have always wanted a lush beautiful garden full of delicious organic vegetables, or you simply wish to stop being a slave to your current garden, you will love the sage advice and tips contained within the second edition of Successful Home Gardening. The Successful Home Gardening book is full of gardening ideas for the seasoned gardener as well as the newbie starting fresh.

You will learn advice on natural ways to prevent bugs and critters from invading your crop, critical climate information to keep your crops thriving, and the best types of fruits and vegetables for your lifestyle and climate. With a heavy emphasis on green living and cost savings, Successful Home Gardening's gardening ideas and tips can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Growing your own luscious, succulent, and juicy fruits and vegetables is a huge part of the sustainable-living movement. You can rest soundly knowing that your produce if fresh, pesticide and chemical-free, and good for you and your family.

For only $67, you receive the full PDF Successful Home Gardening study course filled with over 200 full-color illustrations, the streaming video lecture series that will help you take your gardening skills to the next level, and instant access to all of the information and updates.

The original Successful Home Gardening book was so successful and popular, it was widely used as the go-to resource for gardening and nutrition at many prestigious colleges and universities. The second edition contains one-third more information, large color photos, and a comprehensible breakdown of foods, processes, and easy-to-understand explanations about every aspect of the food-growing process. Whether you are looking to have more control over where your food comes from, looking to save money, or want to eat healthier, these gardening ideas cannot be beat.

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