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Joy Bauer will teach you how to eat good carbs and fats, lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies — plus treats like dark chocolate. Get Joy's daily advice, recipes, meal plans, and calorie calculators to keep you on track and losing weight!

Both an esteemed author of best-selling weight loss advice and the nutrition consultant for The TODAY Show, Joy Bauer has used her experience and insights to develop the ultimate of weight loss programs. Using a well-balanced arsenal of proven methods in the areas of lean protein intake, fat-burning exercise, calorie awareness and much more, Joy has streamlined the process of weight loss for many who were exhausted with other weight loss programs. Rather than using ineffective fads and “magic” pills to produce results, Joy forged an entire school of weight loss using the same principles that have always been there. So how does Joy’s program work and how effective is it?

Joy’s program is bifurcated into two regiments: diet and exercise. First focusing on the diet, Joy Bauer pioneered a system that incorporates delicious foods, knowing all too well the imminent doom of bland food diets. Using her expertise as a nutrition expert, she then selected out the best sources of carbs, protein, vitamins, and other vital nutrients. Arranging a diet regiment in this way worked for Joy and it works for her constituents because it avoids the fallacy of eating bad foods that happen to have some nutritional value, the major folly of most weight loss programs.

Next, Joy Bauer’s weight loss program uses a uniquely customizable fitness plan to expedite weight loss. With a balance of cardiovascular fitness and toning exercises, Joy’s program takes advantage of nature’s most powerful fat deterrent: exercise. The more participants push themselves in the fitness plan, the more they will be able to eat without metabolizing food as fat.

Finally, Joy’s full array of weight loss tools such as the calorie counter, weight tracker, food log, and support from nutritionists will guide participants through the most successful weight loss venture they’ve ever experienced.

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