Trading Penny Stocks

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Many people stay out of the stock market because they think they need to have thousands of dollars in upfront capital. In the last few years, this popular notion has been proven false by one young man who made a fortune trading penny stocks with a minimal initial investment. This man is James Connelly, also known as the Penny Stock Prophet. He proved to the world that trading penny stocks are not as risky as everyone once believed. His method has been proven to have the potential to turn a $1,000 investment into over $1 million after only 38 trades.

About James Connelly
James Connelly was a simple 19-year-old college student when he began trading penny stocks. He turned to the stock market because he found that his classes were not challenging enough. Connelly had studied the stock market since his father taught him how to read the charts when he was fifteen.

Now that he was in college, Connelly began to look at the stock market as more than a hobby. He started to see the unlimited financial potential in the market. While still a freshman in college, he opened his first account for trading penny stocks. Connelly became obsessed with the market, and by the following year, he discovered his obsession was paying off.

Once Connelly found that his techniques work, he put them all together in writing to preserve the system. Over the next several months, he tweaked his system until he felt it was perfect, and it could be understood by anyone, even those unfamiliar with the stock market.

The Penny Stock Prophet System
The Penny Stock Prophet trading system is available now for a low one-time fee. This fee gets you the complete penny stock trading system and a lifetime subscription to the Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter. Becoming a Penny Stock Prophet member also gives you access to James Connelly’s new insights. He will continue to provide you with tips and updates to help you maximize your profits.

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