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Even the most intuitive option trader is only as valuable as his or her connections to the best trades in the market. Beyond just having a window to untapped reservoirs of wealth, however, option trading also requires a foresight that is greatly sharpened by analysis, advice, and regular reporting. These are the principles that OptionsHouse built their company on: exposure, analysis, and the technical advantage.

Founded by PEAK6 Investments in 2005, OptionsHouse utilizes PEAK6 technology to educate and empower investors with an arsenal of web-based tools and information. Their renowned platform combines a seamless user interface with live streaming information to inform option traders of the very latest trends while streamlining the option trading process itself with their tools. This in turn nurtures traders to develop their own style of option trading, gaining confidence as they gain experience and head towards higher rungs of professionalism.

One of the many invaluable tools that OptionsHouse offers is the risk viewer. The risk viewer is a highly adaptable tool that informs traders of the amount of risk in their portfolio. For beginning traders especially this is an ideal way to learn the aftereffects of trades and what implications they have on risk level. Next, the stock screener uses a trader’s preferences and history to inform them of investments that they may be interested in. This tool is customizable so that traders can set their interests before letting the stock screener roam the world of investments.

Finally, the pricing model is unmatched in the way that it caters to every kind of option trader. OptionHouse offers their “Up to 5 for $5” rate for those who stick with fewer contracts, “Up to 10 for $10” for those who pursue a little more, and their “$8.50 + .15/contract” for traders who go after many contracts.

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