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One of the most well-known names in the cell phone industry, Verizon continues to wow the crowd with the latest and greatest gadgets for those that love to live on the cutting edge. If you're among the technophiles that want to be the first to explore new smartphones, you'll find few sites more informative than, the company's online presence. With all the best rate plans and model information available at your fingertips, Verizon's homepage is your one stop shop for all things wireless. Whether you're looking for the latest e-reader, tablet PC or even a wireless card for your laptop, you'll find it all here with ease.

Already have a Verizon account? is still a great resource; information such as minutes used and outstanding balances can be looked up right on the site, saving you the hassle of calling in or finding your paper bill. Need to upload a video, or send a picture to another subscriber when your phone isn't nearby? The website can help you there, too: "My Messages and Media" is your source for all the things you love to text.

Verizon features the latest in smartphone manufactures, notably:

Apple Iphone
Motorola Droid

Navigation menus at the bottom of each page allow you to browse by item type, manufacturer, plans and sales. If you live in a rural area and want to be sure you'll get good cell phone coverage with the company, a detailed coverage map can be found on the left, allowing you to search by state, zip code and even street address. Through the "Explore" tab, you'll be able educate yourself with informative videos that guide newcomers to the world of smartphones, or hone existing tech knowledge with pointers on great apps to try. With all these great cell-centric features in one place, you'll be able to connect with friends and family as well as your new technology. "Call up" in your browser today!

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