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Whether you’re trying to evolve from a hobbyist to a career singer or you just want to nurture a beautiful singing voice, Singorama has developed a program that will get you to the next level. Singorama has revamped vocal training to eliminate any prior experience requirements, music theory knowledge, and grueling hours of practice. After adhering to the program, you will improve your range, precision, aural pitch ability, and most importantly, confidence. The system is extremely user-friendly, and is divided into interactive lessons and audio books to deliver their secrets to you.

The first audio lesson, to provide an example, is your introduction to both the world of vocal training and your own voice. This segment is meant to calibrate your voice to your ears while introducing you to your own vocal range and teaching you how to warm up. The second lesson incorporates a warm up as well as strengthening routines to prepare your core for vocal training.

As you progress through Singorama’s vocal training program, you will learn how to master the elements of timing, pitch, key, and even a bit of musical composition, as well as the most common bad habits to avoid. In addition, Singorama supplements program participants with a number of tools to help them develop a sense for their own voice. Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio, a virtual piano with playback function, is exactly such a tool.

The Perfect Your Pitch Pro is another tool that Singorama has engineered to dramatically sharpen your ear so that you can instinctively recognize all 36 pitches of the chromatic scale. Eventually, you will auto-correct pitches, which will enable you to hit every note with precision. After tuning your ears, strengthening your pipes, and honing your precision, you will have the confidence to take the stage.

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