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If you’re looking for high quality diamonds, gemstones, pearls and other jewelry at low prices The Jewel Hut is your place to shop.  They work hard to make fine jewelry affordable for everyone.  They also offer tips and education on all types of precious stones so you can understand about the different levels of quality and cuts for gemstones.

The reason they can offer high quality jewelry and precious gemstones is the relationships they with fine jewelry manufacturers and diamond, gemstone and pearl suppliers.  This means they can ship directly from them to the customers, giving their customers the very best prices on the very best jewelry.  This also gives access to the inventory of these suppliers, making a wide selection of fine jewelry available to their customers.

The Jewel Hut has all their precious stones and diamonds graded independently so you can be sure they are the highest quality.  They also have an expert staff that can help you find the right jewelry for you at the right price.  Their online store offers a secure place to shop, while also offering free shipping.  They even have a lay-away plan so you can pick something out and pay for it a little at a time instead of running up debt on your credit card.

Whatever type of jewelry you’re looking for The Jewel Hut has it: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pins, engagement rings, even jewelry for children.  If they don’t have the setting you want, you can also buy loose diamonds and gemstones to have them put into a setting that’s right for you.

For the conscientious shopper, The Jewel Hut is also committed to getting as many of their diamonds as possible from conflict free sources.  These are sources which guarantee that the diamonds did come from areas in armed conflict where the profits from the diamond sales help to fund whichever faction controls the area.  The high demand for diamonds usually means that the person or party in control has an incentive to do whatever is necessary, including violence to the people in the war zone in order to maintain the source of their income.  Conflict free diamonds come with a guarantee that they are not mined under those negative conditions.

With a great selection of high quality jewelry and precious stones at low prices, expert and friendly staff ready to help you find the jewelry that’s right for you as well as safe online shopping and free shipping, what’s not to love about The Jewel Hut?

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