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It can be difficult finding affordable diamond jewelry. With many retailers, if you spend less than $100, you’re forced to get knockoffs or costume jewelry. This is not the case with Zales, one of the leading providers of exquisite diamond jewelry. While some of their pieces are expensive, there are plenty of cheaper options. All you have to do is visit their “Clearance” or “Previously Owned” sections. Both have hundreds of pieces that range from $5.99 to $100.

You can also save money if you sign up for their online newsletter. As of the date of this writing, Zales is giving away a $50 offer to anyone that subscribes to their website. This offer will be made available three days after completion of their form.

The benefits do not end there. Regardless of what a person’s budget is, Zales offers many unique options for wedding bands or engagement rings. Their one of a kind Celebration Diamond is an example. The rarest of its kind, the Celebration Diamond measures in at 102 facets, a unit that determines how well the diamond can reflect light. The average diamond is only 58 facets. This means that the Celebration Diamond will have the same shine and reflection as two regular diamonds.

Brides and grooms also have the option of designing their own rings. This whole process can be done online through an interactive program on the Zales website. Customers can either design a setting by itself or with a diamond. If they already have a setting, they can design their own loose diamond.

For everyone else, Zales offers personalized diamond jewelry. With this option, customers can engrave their names on a piece of interest. They will not have access to more advanced customization unless they order a piece from the Persona line. Through Persona, customers can design their own beaded necklaces. Diamond jewelry is not included in this line, but all of the necklaces are overlaid with 18 karat gold.

In summary, if you want to purchase extraordinary diamond jewelry, look no further than Zales. Unlike many of its competitors, Zales offers wondrous pieces for nearly every budget. More importantly, all of their pieces are of the highest quality, whether you get a $5.00 charm or a $1,000 engagement ring.

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