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Amazoy Lawns from Zoysia Farms, Work Saver, Time Saver Save over 50%
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Yards that have bare patches, brown spots and weeds everywhere probably need the kind of lawn improvement that can only come from something completely different. Zoysia Farm Nurseries offers the materials you need to replace your failing lawn with something much hardier.

The Amazoy brand of zoysia grass is the secret to dramatic lawn improvement for frustrated homeowners who can’t get anything to else to grow well for them.

Zoysia is a type of grass that needs much less watering than many other grasses and also has many other benefits over the grass types commonly planted around American homes. For example, zoysia can survive both extreme cold and excessive heat and even choke out many weeds.

Amazoy grows well in most parts of the United States and forms a thicker, richer carpet of grass than many other lawn types, making it a versatile and popular choice for problem yards.

Even better, it stays in place and even thrives in heavily traveled areas, on slopes and in other challenging positions.

In 1953, Zoysia Farm Nurseries was started by a man who was passionate about low-maintenance lawns. Amazingly, radio talk show host Arthur Godfrey saw an ad for the product and talked about it on his national show. Soon, people around the country were talking about zoysia.

Today, Zoysia Farm Nurseries has everything you need to get a new lawn started as quickly and easily as possible. They provide the grass plugs and other supplies needed for the remarkable lawn improvement you may not have thought possible.

To learn more about how Amazoy from Zoysia Farm Nurseries can provide the kind of lawn improvement you need, visit their site now. You can even use their plug calculator to see how many plugs you need for your project.

Soon, you’ll be seeing the benefits of zoysia for yourself.

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